Spine Center

Spine Center

At Providence Hospital, we offer a wide array of tests for diagnosing spinal problems. These tests include:

  • X-Ray
  • MRI Scans
  • CT Scans
  • EMG Testing
  • Diagnostic Injections

Conditions Treated:

  • Herniated or Bulging Disc
  • Degenerative Disc
  • Failed Back Surgery
  • Foraminal Stenosis
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Radiculopathy
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • More Neck Conditions

Non-Surgical Treatments

  • Physical Therapy
  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Braces
  • Patient Education

Surgical Treatments

Anterior Cervical Fusion

Eliminates neck pain and nerve pain in the arm by removing bone spurs and fusing painful discs.

Posterior Cervical Foramenotomy

Relieves nerve pain in the arm by removing bone spurs.

Anterior/Posterior/Global 360 Lumbar Fusion

Relieves lower back pain and nerve pain in the legs by fusing painful discs and spinal joints.

Micro Lumbar Discectomy

Curves nerve pain in the leg by removing pressure on a nerve.

Artificial Disc Replacement

Alleviates neck or lower back pain by replacing painful worn-out discs with artificial discs.

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