Joint Center

Joint Center

The Providence Hospital Total Joint Center is a center for joint replacement and other joint surgeries dedicated to Excellence in Orthopedics and a life free of pain. Our programs for knee and hip replacement as well as spine surgery utilize the latest technology, minimally invasive operations, patient education programs, and a dedicated team approach including you and your “coach” to help ensure you live a life free of pain. Your “coach” is your right hand, your cheerleader and your moral support. Your coach is a close friend or relative who can be with you during the pre-op class and the physical therapy sessions held twice a day beginning the day after your surgery. Your coach is there to remind you what you can and cannot do and to help make your transition from the hospital to home as smooth as possible. The Providence Hospital Total Joint Center is designed and staffed especially for joint patients. Our goal is to ensure you a positive surgery and fast return to a life free of joint pain. If your surgeon declares you a Total Joint candidate, you will be scheduled for surgery and required to attend an education “pre-op” class. Surgery usually takes place on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and patients are discharged from the hospital by Thursday or Friday. Our Total Joint Center team includes experienced orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists that specialize in joint replacement and recovery techniques.

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For more information about the Providence Hospital Total Joint Center or to schedule an appointment, call (281) 453-7110.

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